Take Action

Let Your Voice Be Heard

  • Contact your Representative and urge them to support patients rights and support HB1- Pilot program.

  • Write letters to the editor, speak out on the radio...utilize every tool at your disposal to voice your thoughts, concerns and support!

  • Take advantage of social media! Using websites like Facebook and Twitter has become one of the quickest and most effective methods of spreading news and opinions. Voice your support for patients rights and demonstrate your support of HB1- Pilot program by using social media. It's also effective for informing patients themselves!

  • If you are a medical professional or you are a patient, and you have something important to say about patients rights, please contact us! We want your voices to be heard! We aren't here to spread OUR message, we are here to spread YOUR message.

Stay Well-Informed

  • Visit Motherearthhealth.org frequently as we will often be updating our website with new information and new links to research, as well as relevant news and updates for the state of Illinois.

  • Take initiative to expand your knowledge on health and well-being. In the digital age, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. Understand the concerns of patients, and learn why many patients are now supporting holistic medicines instead of harmful pharmaceutical medications. Mother Earth Holistic Health has heard the voices of patients in Illinois. These patients aren't interested in abusing drugs, they are interested in taking SAFE medicine that WORKS!

Please Donate

  • As a non-profit organization we struggle with the limitations of our budget. We are here to serve the patients of Illinois, but to better serve the patients we rely on generous contributions of our supporters. Any donations are greatly appreciated! Click here to find out how you can send us donations.